The Tragic Reason Why Sylvester Stallone Talks Like That

The Tragic Reason Why Sylvester Stallone Talks Like That

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Do you have a favorite Sylvester Stalone film? His unique voice and powerful life experiences add depth to any character he portrays.

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00:00 - Intro
00:18 - Why He Talks Like That
00:49 - His Childhood
01:37 - His Love Life
02:12 - Step-Conspiracy
02:48 - His Half-Brother Was Attacked
03:30 - Sued By a Half-Sister
04:02 - Sage
04:44 - Sophia
05:01 - Seargeoh
05:21 - Near-Death Experiences
05:49 - Lost Pets
06:18 - The Rights to Rocky
07:49 - Outro

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Sylvester Stalone’s difficult life began with complications during his birth. The doctors had to use forceps to get him out. That left nerves in his lip, chin, and tongue paralyzed. His face began to droop, and he developed the speech patterns he’s known for today.

He was bullied for it as a child and took it out on the world. Dangerous acts left him injured and got him kicked out of several schools. Bodybuilding helped him, and he then began to take school seriously while studying acting. Tragedy came once he reached his highest heights. His half-father was accused of malpractice and his half-sister forced him to give her regular payments. His half-brother was tragically beaten on the campus of Florida State.

The most tragic moment of his life was when his first son died of a heart attack, and he still prefers not to speak of it. He almost lost a daughter to a heart condition and has a son with autism whom he has to work harder to connect with. The animal-loving actor has even lost a few beloved pets. He had to sell his dog to film Rocky but eventually got him back. The family wasn’t as lucky with their dog Phoebe who wandered off and was eaten by coyotes.

He’s also had as many near-death experiences as any action star. He nearly had his heart literally punched apart during the filming of Rocky IV. He’s had several surgeries but doesn’t let his age slow him down. He’s still earning plenty of money from the franchise that made him famous but doesn’t own the rights to it. He doesn’t have the final say over whether there are any new Rocky movies but seems to be unwilling to say goodbye to the character who, in a way, saved his life.

The Tragic Reason Why Sylvester Stallone Talks Like That

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Title: The Tragic Reason Why Sylvester Stallone Talks Like That
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