Little Known Facts About Bond Girl Barbara Bach

Little Known Facts About Bond Girl Barbara Bach

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Do you know the little-known facts about Bond Girl Barbara Bach? If you’re a fan of the James Bond films, you know that apart from Bond himself, the Bond girls are an unforgettable part of the series. One of the most famous Bond Girls was Major Anya Amasova played by Barbara Bach.

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00:23 - From America to Italy
01:42 - An Encounter With 007
02:52 - Caveman
03:34 - Barbara Bach's Incredible Life and Career
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But what do you know about Barbara Bach? She has lived an incredible life and has had a career outside of her role in “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

For example, did you know that she’s also Lady Starkey, wife of Richard Starkey – more popularly known as Ringo Starr!?

Barbara Bach was born as Barbara Goldbach in New York City. She began her career as a model and then moved into acting later. Her career actually began in Italian films before she starred along with Britain’s most famous secret agent.

Apart from her role in “The Spy Who Loved Me” she was also known for her role in the slapstick comedy film “Caveman” which is also where she met future husband Ringo Starr. While she only appeared in a few films since then before retiring in the mid-1980s she’s still a prominent public figure.

She’s also dedicated herself to charity work apart from her work in modeling and acting. She remains one of the most iconic Bond girls and an icon of beauty in the fashion world. She’s lived an incredible life and has worn many hats throughout her career. Her story is one of inspiration to all of us. By following an icon’s example, you too can achieve your dreams! Barbara Bach is indeed an icon we won’t forget anytime soon!

And we can expect her to remain an icon for many years to come!

Watch this video to learn more about Barbara Bach and her incredible life and career…

Little Known Facts About Bond Girl Barbara Bach

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