Inside Robert Mitchum’s Deeply Troubled Childhood

Inside Robert Mitchum’s Deeply Troubled Childhood

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Robert Mitchum was an actor that was known for his iconic roles in films such as 1955’s The Night of the Hunter. The actor’s roles often took advantage of his authentic tough-guy demeanor, which was the result of his time as a semi-professional boxer, as well as his troubled upbringing.

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Robert had been born to parents placed firmly in the working class, and his father had to work tirelessly at the rail yard to provide for his wife and children. When Robert was only 18 months old, tragedy struck as his father was killed during an incident involving two out-of-control boxcars. Robert’s father was crushed to death, and his mother was left alone to care for Robert and his siblings all by herself.

Although Robert’s mother eventually remarried, she had to raise Robert and his siblings singlehandedly for a period of several years. By the time that his mother had remarried, Robert had gotten into the habit of causing trouble. The troublemaker ended up being sent away to his grandparents’ house in Delaware at the age of 12, but they didn’t want him either. After being sent to live with his older sister in Hell’s Kitchen, Robert decided he was better off alone.

Robert’s troubled childhood eventually resulted in the hardened individual that rose to fame thanks to his numerous iconic roles on the big screen. Join Facts Verse as we look inside Robert Mitchum’s deeply troubled childhood.

Inside Robert Mitchum’s Deeply Troubled Childhood

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Title: Inside Robert Mitchum’s Deeply Troubled Childhood
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