The Huge Mistake You Never Noticed in the Lion King

The Huge Mistake You Never Noticed in the Lion King

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Did you know The Lion King was never expected to become the highest grossing traditionally animated film ever? Early on, Disney executives lacked confidence it would succeed! Did you also realize the Broadway musical version actually makes more money annually than even the original movie did during its peak theatrical run?

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00:00 - Intro
00:32 - Bloopers and Animation Mistakes
00:44 - Shenzi's Mysteriously Disappearing Scratch Marks
01:17 - Nala and Simba Can’t Pick an Eye Color
01:47 - Zazu's Baffling Mismatched Shadow
02:21 - Timon Snoozes In the Same Spot...Or Does He?
02:53 - That Missing Zazu...Does He Have Nine Lives?
03:45 - The Great Grasshopper and Grub Diet Miracle
04:30 - Lioness Bug Buffet Rescue Mission
05:23 - Mufasa's Voice Almost Came from Liam Neeson
06:10 - Chemistry of Timon and Pumbaa Was Lucky Accident
06:58 - The Iconic Stampeding Wildebeest Scene
07:50 - Outro

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Beyond those shocking financial facts, The Lion King franchise hides all sorts of fascinating secrets behind the scenes of creating this ultimate coming-of-age Shakespearean story of power, family and destiny told through African wildlife. It was Walt Disney Animation Studio’s first original tale not based on prior myths or literature. Given free creative reign, the animators poured their hearts into hand-drawing vibrant colorful characters that moved with unprecedented fluidity thanks to technological breakthroughs.

This behind-the-film glimpse features hilarious animation mistakes and bloopers that made final cut, head-scratching plot oddities and story questions, wild facts about the Broadway play's record-smashing spectacle, how real African lion/hyena footage guided drawing, originally darker concepts for Mufasa’s death, Nathan Lane & Ernie Sabella’s accidental casting comedy magic as Timon & Pumbaa, cutting edge software innovations that powered the visuals, and scrapped alternate endings and character origins.

Relive the visual splendor, emotionally stirring songs, instantly quotable dialogue and timeless message about confronting past darkness and taking responsibility amidst The Lion King’s legacy. Whether you first saw Simba’s journey in theaters back in 1994 or recently through the 2019 CGI live-action remake, there’s always some fun filmmaking trivia to uncover even for such a revered masterpiece! Did any of this surprise you superfans out there? Let us know in comments your favorite pride rock fact!

The Huge Mistake You Never Noticed in the Lion King

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Title: The Huge Mistake You Never Noticed in the Lion King
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