Terry Bradshaw's Diagnosis Is No Excuse for His Awful Comments

Terry Bradshaw's Diagnosis Is No Excuse for His Awful Comments

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Did you know that Terry Bradshaw was prescribed steroids during his time playing for the Pittsburgh Stealers and that he recently made a joke about a famous quarterback committing suicide? Terry Bradshaw is a football player-turned-commentator that’s a legend in the sports world. However, he has gotten into trouble in recent years for saying some controversial things. Some people think that Terry’s sour behavior over the past few years is justified now that it’s been revealed the celebrity was suffering from cancer the whole time. However, there are still many that think Terry needs to watch his mouth.

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00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Terry Bradshaw Is Not Slowing Down with the Controversy
02:19 - Are Terry’s Critiques Racially Motivated?
05:13 - Terry's Remark About Antonio Brown
07:17 - Terry Called Ken Jeong a “Little Japanese Guy”
09:16 - Outro

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Terry Bradshaw was a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Stealers during the 1970s. In the 1990s, he used his celebrity and expertise to start up a new career era as a football commentator. Terry became known for his tough and no-nonsense critiques of coaches and players. However, in recent years, Terry has been the subject of some decidedly damning critiques himself. Most notably, there are many that allege the commentator is more critical of non-white players than he is of white ones. Given Terry’s track record for making controversial statements about people of color in the football world, this suggestion isn’t too ridiculous.

In 2022 alone, Terry Bradshaw has stirred up controversy with remarks about African-American players committing suicide and needing to get put in strait jackets. In addition to the fact that many pointed to these examples as Terry once again being overly critical of players of color, many also took ire with Terry’s flippant insensitivity towards mental health issues. In October of 2022, Terry came out with a public statement that he had recently successfully overcome a battle with two separate types of cancer. This stirred up some sympathy for the commentator, but not quite enough.

Other things that suggest that Terry Bradshaw has a toxic outlook on people of color in football include his treatment of Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. There’s also the fact of the matter that Terry called Ken Jeong a “little Japanese guy”. Join Facts Verse as we explore how Terry Bradshaw’s diagnosis is no excuse for his awful comments.

Terry Bradshaw's Diagnosis Is No Excuse for His Awful Comments

By: Facts Verse
Title: Terry Bradshaw's Diagnosis Is No Excuse for His Awful Comments
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