Sheep who thinks he's a dog has been trained to do a range of tricks

Sheep who thinks he's a dog has been trained to do a range of tricks

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A sheep who thinks he's a dog has been trained to do a range of tricks and has even got his own fan club.

Flause, a one-year-old Dutch Spotted Sheep, can confidently come when called, walk backwards, circle both ways, go through legs, and even jump through hoops and arms.

His trainer, Millie Clark, was shocked when the young sheep responded so well to clicker training, a form of positive reinforcement typically used to coach canines.

The 26-year-old has been working as a one-to-one farm tutor at Yew Tree Farm School in Sittingbourne for a year and says she has never seen anything like it.

She has already attempted to train pigs, horses, goats and sheep, but says Flause has responded better than any other animal including their dogs.

Ms Clark, from Leysdown-on-Sea, Kent, said: "The goats are pretty good. They do what he does but with a lot less enthusiasm."

"Pigs respond okay, but they do bite if you dont give them the food quick enough."

"Ive found out sheep are much more complex than any other animal on the farm. The pigs and goats are stubborn, and the horses will just push through you."

"Ive tried to train the dogs, but it takes much longer than it does for a sheep which is crazy."

The spotted lamb first arrived at the school just after April and since then has started to bring in a crowd with his impressive tricks.

Ms Clark said: "Even now, I can shout his name when he is in a herd and he will come running over, all excited."

"Im trying to get him to jump up onto a table and also learn to shake my hand."

"Id like to get him walking on a lead or harness, because he wants to follow you around all the time."

"We could offer sheep walks at some point in the future."

Initially named Floris, his name was changed to Flause after he turned out to be a boy.

Ms Clark said: "When he was younger he was scared of people, and I really wanted him to get closer all the time."

"I was constantly making an effort with him."

"At the time, a load of other female sheep were sent off to be inseminated and Flause was left alone."

"Sheep are herd animals, so he sat with the dog and myself most of the time. He became really friendly."

The pair have become a hit with the guests during the school's open days.

They perform a planned routine in front of spectators and get everyone involved with the tricks.

Flause is now the highlight of the 'sheep show', with people coming to the farm just to see him.

Ms Clark added: "Flause just wants to please you and waggles his ears because he is so excited. Hes always trying to get my attention when Im working."

"He didnt care that there was a big crowd of people, he's brave and wasn't fazed at all."

"People are quite shocked when they watch us perform."

The one-year-old was supposed to be returned to his original farmer but has been allowed to stay due to his popularity.

You can watch Flause perform at the school's next open day, which takes place between April 5-8 and 12-15.

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Title: Sheep who thinks he's a dog has been trained to do a range of tricks
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