Pat Sajak’s Comment on His Daughter Is Causing Outrage

Pat Sajak’s Comment on His Daughter Is Causing Outrage

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Did you know that fans have been speculating that Pat Sajak's daughter, Maggie, might be being groomed to take over as host of the long-running game show and that she's already been working with the show as a social media correspondent since 2021?

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00:40 - Maggie Sajak Has Lived A Life Of Privilege
02:49 - The Rumor Mill Is Churning
05:02 - Sajak Has Hinted About His Retirement
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Ever since New York Magazine ran a cover article about the prevalence of so-called nepo babies in Hollywood, the topic has been trending on social media. Nepo babies have been defined as children of stars who find success in the entertainment industry riding on the coattails of their wealthy and well-connected parents. Clearly, nepotism has long played an active role in show business. Children of actors, directors, musicians, and athletes all are at a tremendous advantage when it comes to their future prospects.

The latest name to come up in the conversation surrounding nepo babies is Maggie Sajak, Wheel of Fortune's 28-year-old country music star daughter.

While Pat Sajak has been hosting Wheel for 41 years now to much fanfare, recently the aging television personality has come under fire for a comment that he made that seemed to indicate that he was grooming his daughter to take over either as the primary host of Wheel or replace Vanna White as the show's co-host.

Maggie Sajak joined the Wheel of Fortune family as a social media correspondent in 2021, and recently given his advancing age, Pat has indicated that he might be getting close to retirement.

In this video, we'll attempt to dissect this sticky situation. As of right now, there doesn't seem to be any solid proof that Maggie Sajak is going to be taking the reigns of Wheel of Nurture, but Pat has dropped a few hints that seem to indicate who he thinks should be his replacement.

Pat Sajak’s Comment on His Daughter Is Causing Outrage

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Title: Pat Sajak’s Comment on His Daughter Is Causing Outrage
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