Mackenzie Phillips’ Incestuous Relationship Is Just Heartbreaking

Mackenzie Phillips’ Incestuous Relationship Is Just Heartbreaking

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Mackenzie Phillips is a television actress that rose to mainstream prominence thanks to her time on the hit 1970s and 1980s sitcom One Day at a Time. Mackenzie was the daughter of John Phillips, who was the founder of the Mamas & the Papas and one of its original members. After her father’s death in 2001, Mackenzie came forward with the shocking story that her father had instigated an incestuous relationship with her one night when she was passed out from a drug stupor. This relationship lasted for a decade before Mackenzie finally put it to an end.

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Mackenzie has been no stranger to substance abuse issues during her life and was already addicted to drugs at the time when her father supposedly initiated the relationship with her. Her father then used drugs to keep her in a stupor so that he could maintain control over her life. The initial incident between Mackenzie and her father occurred just before the former’s first wedding. Nothing came of the incident for a few months, until Mackenzie finally decided to ask her father about why he had done it.

When Mackenzie brought the memory of the attack up to her father, he had no remorse and said that it was normal. From there, Mackenzie consented to a secret romantic relationship that didn’t come to an end until she became pregnant many years later. According to Mackenzie, the thought that the child she was carrying might be her father’s was too much for her to deal with. Her father paid for an abortion, and she didn’t talk to him again until just before his death. Join Facts Verse as we explore why Mackenzie Phillips’ incestuous relationship is just heartbreaking.

Mackenzie Phillips’ Incestuous Relationship Is Just Heartbreaking

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Title: Mackenzie Phillips’ Incestuous Relationship Is Just Heartbreaking
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