John Wayne Hated Him More Than Anyone

John Wayne Hated Him More Than Anyone

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John Wayne, an icon of American cinema, left a great legacy in the world of Hollywood. However, beneath the glitz and glamour, the actor was embroiled in several high-profile feuds. This article delves into the contentious relationships Wayne had with other Hollywood figures, from Gene Hackman to Frank Sinatra, and the resulting off-screen drama that has since become part of Hollywood folklore.

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John Wayne was known for his candid opinions about his peers in the film industry. One actor who received Wayne's vitriolic criticism was Gene Hackman. In her book, "John Wayne: My Father," Aissa Wayne details her father's disdain for Hackman. She notes that whenever Hackman appeared on-screen, Wayne would critique his performance harshly.

Wayne's contentious relationships extended beyond Hackman. He had a particularly grating interaction with Clark Gable, another Hollywood icon. This feud, as detailed in Aissa Wayne's book, was rooted in Wayne's unwavering loyalty to his friend and long-time collaborator, director John Ford.

Another Hollywood relationship that soured for Wayne was his friendship with actor James Arness. Despite having worked together on multiple films and Wayne even recommending Arness for the lead role in the TV series "Gunsmoke," their relationship took a hit when Arness failed to show up for an interview set up by Wayne for the film "The Alamo."

Clint Eastwood, another Western genre stalwart, also had a run-in with Wayne. Eastwood's 1973 film "High Plains Drifter," which he directed and starred in, was a point of contention for Wayne. In a letter to Eastwood, Wayne criticized the film for not accurately representing the pioneers of the West.

Among Wayne's Hollywood feuds, his conflict with singer and actor Frank Sinatra stood out. The two nearly came to blows after Wayne questioned Sinatra's political ties and his alignment with a Communist filmmaker. Sinatra's open support for liberal causes and his friendship with John F. Kennedy did not sit well with Wayne, a known conservative.


John Wayne Hated Him More Than Anyone

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