How Each of the Rat Pack Members Died

How Each of the Rat Pack Members Died

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Do you think that there’s a modern-day ensemble that can match up to The Rat Pack? Or is there no one who can compare to the charm and style that defined The Rat Pack members?

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00:27 - Frank Sinatra
01:34 - Dean Martin
02:32 - Sammy Davis Jr.
03:40 - Peter Lawford
04:54 - Joey Bishop
05:54 - The Trials and Tribulations of the Rat Pack
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The Rat Pack members were among America’s most famous entertainers in cinema, television, music, and on stage. To this day, they’re considered icons of American entertainment.

Sadly, they’re no longer with us. But we can look back on their incredible lives and admire their struggles to stardom.

Frank Sinatra was the son of Italian immigrants. As a first-generation American, he worked hard to become a major star. He began performing as a musician and singer in his teens. As he grew older, he began performing with big bands and as a solo artist. In the 1950s, he became one of Hollywood’s biggest film stars.

Dean Martin also had a similar career trajectory. He began as a singer and then transition to film and television in the 1950s. He was the host of his own talk show and starred in a series of popular comedy films.

Sammy Davis Jr. was an icon for black American entertainers. The versatile performer had a remarkable career as a comedian and singer. He also acted regularly on television and films. These successes often overshadowed the struggles he had to deal with in a racially hostile country.

Peter Lawford lost much of his wealth as an English aristocrat. Stranded in America, he decided to pursue a career in films to make ends meet. He begun as an extra and soon became a major film star after becoming one of the Rat Pack members.

Joey Bishop became a successful stand-up comedian and soon found himself making regular appearances on popular TV shows. He later transitioned to films and succeeded in both mediums. But behind the scenes, he often had a trying relationship with the other Rat Pack members…

Let’s learn more about how each of the Rat Pack members died and what they achieved…

How Each of the Rat Pack Members Died

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Title: How Each of the Rat Pack Members Died
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