At 73, Charo Confesses He Was the Love of Her Life

At 73, Charo Confesses He Was the Love of Her Life

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She burst onto the American scene in the 1970s - a curvaceous Spanish spitfire flaunting a beauty pageant's worth of glamorous gowns, towering wigs, and infectious cuchi-cuchi charm. Charo quickly became a beloved TV staple with her exuberant flamenco guitar playing and amusing mangling of English phrases in her thick accent. Her trademark expression "cuchi-cuchi" even entered pop culture lexicon.

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00:00 - Intro
00:25 - Early Life and Rise to Fame
02:59 - Whirlwind Romance with Kjell Rasten
05:26- Rasten’s Declining Health and Eventual Suicide
07:40 - Outro

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Behind the laughs, few fans realized the private anguish legendary entertainer Charo endured for years as her husband and manager Kjell Rasten battled a painful skin condition before his shocking suicide in 2019 after nearly 40 years of marriage. Now at 73, Charo is opening up about the traumatic loss of her "Viking" - the man she calls the love of her life.

In this video, Charo shares intimate insights into her whirlwind romance with Rasten, their happy early years raising son Shel, and the devastating illness that left her once-vigorous husband homebound, depressed and ultimately driven to end his life when pain became unbearable.

Charo also candidly reflects on navigating profound grief while still in the public eye after Rasten's death. She explains her unwavering commitment to suicide prevention advocacy. And despite enduring such an emotionally shattering loss in her seventh decade, Charo reveals how she found the strength to persevere and even thrive in tribute to the man who had managed her path to success.

Equal parts celebration of Charo's groundbreaking career and tribute to the late Kjell Rasten's essential influence on his iconic wife, this exclusive video provides a rare backstage pass into a star's closely-guarded private life. Join Charo as she guides us through the dizzying highs, challenging lows, and bittersweet lessons learned during her extraordinary decades in the spotlight.

At 73, Charo Confesses He Was the Love of Her Life

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Title: At 73, Charo Confesses He Was the Love of Her Life
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