Your Netflix Guide: TOP PICKS Shows & Movies in May 2024

Your Netflix Guide: TOP PICKS Shows & Movies in May 2024

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What are the Best New TV Shows and movies to start watching on Netflix in May 2024? I will do you one better! Discover all the best TV Series and movies to stream coming to Netflix with a quick review and recommendation for all these movies and web series on the Netflix streaming platform. So get ready to know what to watch in May 2024 with these amazing TV series and films! We included all different genres of movies and TV series on this list!

We will do a short review of all of these must-see new TV series, from Netflix’s new sci-fi mystery to their action-adventure titles to heartfelt dramas on Netflix. Along with a unique action web series, tons of Original series from the Netflix streaming services, a hilarious comedy TV show, unique horror movies some action comedies with interesting premises, and a time-traveling series. There's a TV show web series or movie for everyone on this top releases list. Whatever you are looking for these new Netflix films and tv series will surely satisfy! Netflix has one of the most fulfilling libraries, and streaming providers like Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, and HBO Max, and has great movies, original web TV series, documentaries, Original movies, limited series, and stand-up comedy.

Is streaming worth it heading into 2024? These top streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HULU, HBO MAX, and Apple TV Plus make it worth it. I think it is worth it, check out some of Netflix's best sci-fi original films on the platform now and see for yourself. If you do not believe us you can check out all of these New Netflix shows and movie trailers down below.

We dive into some of the best Netflix series and movies available in April 2024 including...

⏰⏰TIME CODES In Pinned Comment⏰⏰

Blended May 1st
Blue Mountain State May 1st
Dark Waters May 1st
Jumanji 1995 May 1st
Liar Liar May 1st
Mortal Kombat 2021 May 1st
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 May 1st
Patriots Day May 1st
Starship Troopers May 1st
The Equalizer May 1st
The Gentlemen May 1st
White House Down May 1st
Shrek May 1st
Shrek Forever After May 1st
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa May 1st
Unfrosted May 3rd
The Peanut Butter Falcon May 5th
War Dogs May 8th
Upgrade May 16th
The 8 Show May 17th
Atlas May 24th
Patrick Melrose May 29th
Eric May 30th

🎞🎞Best TV Shows and Web Series on Netflix May 2024 Trailers🎞🎞

Blended Trailer -
Blue Mountain State Trailer -
Dark Waters Trailer -
Jumanji 1995 Trailer -
Liar Liar Trailer -
Mortal Kombat 2021 Trailer -
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 Trailer -
Patriots Day Trailer -
Starship Troopers Trailer -
The Equalizer Trailer -
The Gentlemen Trailer -
White House Down Trailer -
Shrek Trailer -
Shrek Forever After Trailer -
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Trailer -
Unfrosted Trailer -
The Peanut Butter Falcon Trailer -
War Dogs Trailer -
Upgrade Trailer -
The 8 Show Trailer -
Atlas May Trailer -
Patrick Melrose Trailer -

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