10 Best Horror Movies on NETFLIX for February 2022 | Horror Movie Guide

10 Best Horror Movies on NETFLIX for February 2022 | Horror Movie Guide

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10 Best Horror Movies on NETFLIX | February 2022
Sick of looking for good horror movies to watch on Netflix, Tubi, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Shudder or other streaming services? Well..... I do a deep dive every week into one of the streaming services, and give you 10 more recommendations to watch. Each week I also review the latest as well as classic horror movies. So if you enjoy horror entertainment this might be the channel for you! So do me a favor and hit that subscribe button and ring that little bell because that is the best way to keep track of this channel, also crush that β€œlike” button and REMEMBER HORROR CAN BE FUN!

--------------------------------Video Chapters------------------------------------
00:00 | Netflix Horror | February 2022
0:31 Brand New Cherry Flavor
01:46 No one gets out alive
03:18 Death Of Me
05:20 The Old Ways
06:41 Would You Rather
07:54 No Escape Room
09:36 Eli
11:20 The Ritual
12:34 The Platform
14:03 Dark Tourist
15:18 Credits

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