The Original Story for The Flash Movie⚡#shorts

The Original Story for The Flash Movie⚡#shorts

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Here are the leaked details of Grant Morrison’s canceled ‘The Flash’ movie script leaked plot details:

1) The Flash in his civilian persona aka Barry Allen works as a forensic analyst in Central City. Barry gained his powers in an accident in S.T.A.R. Labs during an experiment to harness the ‘Speed Force’. Now, he is helping a research team to study its connection to the timestream. Barry’s close friend Cyborg aka Victor Stone and his father, Dr Silas Stone, are the part of the research team. Dr Silas explains that Flash can reverse time in hours, but reversing years could lead to very dangerous consequences due to its impact on the timestream.

2) Iris West is an investigative reporter who knows Barry’s secret. Both Barry and Iris have romantic feelings for each other, but Barry is reluctant to confess his feelings and act on them. Both of them are working together to prove that Barry’s father, Henry Allen, is innocent of murdering Barry’s mother, Nora Allen. They have been looking for a logbook that was lost during the original investigation which could prove that Henry Allen was at work when Nora Allen was killed but later it is deemed as insufficient to exonerate Henry.

3) Ignoring Dr Silas’ warning, Barry goes back in time to 2001, visits his mother under a fake name and manages to prevent her murder from happening and hence, changes the timeline in the process. In the new timeline, Nora Allen is alive, Henry Allen was never jailed and they are all living together happily as a family. Barry also finds out that he has no super powers and Iris West doesn’t even know him. Regardless, he still asks her out and she agrees.

4) Iris informs Barry about the electromagnetic disturbances that she has been investigating. Barry suspects that these disturbances might be connected to the Speed Force since they only started after he altered the timeline. They meet at a laboratory to further investigate the matter and figure out that the disturbances are increasing in frequency and magnitude and will eventually destroy the planet in a matter of days.

5) They are attacked by an entity which they call the ‘Black Flash’ but they manage to escape. Barry deduces that it was the Black Flash who gained the powers of the Speed Force instead of him in this timeline and he might be having some information on the electromagnetic disturbances.

6) Barry and Iris attempt to contact Dr Silas Stone but are unable to do so as the S.T.A.R. Labs is a covert branch of military in this timeline. Barry and Iris seek out Victor Stone and Barry finds out that he never became Cyborg in this timeline. They are able to convince him that the world is in danger and so Victor, keeping his personal grudges with his father aside, arranges a meeting between Barry and Dr Silas.

7) Dr Silas Stone reveals that the Speed Force machine was never completed in this timeline and in order for Barry to re-establish his connection with the Speed Force; they must reproduce the accident that gave Barry his powers. While Dr Silas, Barry, Victor and Iris prepare the machine, Black Flash attacks S.T.A.R. Labs and kills Iris West just before Barry is able to gain back his powers. With his powers restored, Barry retaliates and learns that Black Flash isn’t human rather an entity; an avatar of the Speed Force which has been corrupted by Barry’s tampering with the past.

8) Barry and Black Flash fight at super-speed across the entire world and end up into the Speed Force itself. Barry realizes that in order to defeat the Black Flash, he must race to the end of the universe, a place and time where Speed Force no longer exists, in a heroic sacrifice. Black Flash chases Barry across the time and is destroyed by entropy. Barry is almost lost in the void of nothingness but the love of his mother Nora Allen, his father Henry Allen, his friend Victor Stone and the love of his life, Iris West provides the necessary spark for him to push himself to his limit and run back into reality.

9) Barry realizes the error of his ways and what he must do to save everyone. He must let his own mother die as in the original timeline. Again, he runs to the past and stops himself from saving Nora Allen’s life. The timeline is restored to the original state except for one small change; he is able to learn the location of the logbook he was looking for and retrieve it to the present to exonerate his father. Barry confesses his love for Iris and she returns his feelings as they kiss each other.

10) In the post-credits scene, Dr. Silas Stone is able to trace Barry’s energy signature through the timestream and learn that there was a third speedster present throughout the events, including the night when Nora Allen was unalived.

I don't know about you but this sound like it would have been insane.

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