Weird and wonderful creatures

We’re ploughing through the Undermountain module (16) content in Neverwinter, and I wanted to post a few screenshots of the weird and wonderful creatures we’ve been encountering.

A dinosaur, in a cave!

This module takes us deep into the Underdark, inside the mega-dungeon of Undermountain. All though it’s called a ‘dungeon’ nominally, much of the lower levels are caverns. The deeper we descend the more unusual and otherworldly our opponents have become.

We’ve also encountered a range of NPCs, from the standard array of fantasy races, to the less well known deep monstrous races. All have been injected with a good dose of personality, and in some cases comedy, as we’ve quested through each zone.

There are some notable boss fights in the open world (the rare spawns) and in the expedition instances that punctuate the transitions between zones. These showcase some well known D&D monsters in contrast to the lesser denizens encountered (the trash mobs in MMO parlance).

Do not stand in front of the manticore…

I’m rather enjoying the module so far, the zones are varied in tone and ambiance. It’s nice to see a wide variety of opponents between them too!

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