Visions of NZoth, patch 8.3

Yesterday saw the European launch of patch 8.3, Visions of NZoth, for World of Warcraft (retail).

In about two hours we played as a duo through the first sections of the new story-line, with NPC dialogues and a host of activities unlocked in Uldum, one of the two feature zones of the patch.

Although its early days for this content I imagine it might be somewhat Marmite (UK English for a love or hate thing) to many players. Our retail guild was hopping compared to the last few weeks, but one player did log over to a low-level alt to get away from all the purple and tentacles (theyd been playing it most of the day, whereas I only had the evening after work).

Im rather partial to anything Titan or Old-God related story-wise, so Im happy so far to be diving into this new content. Reusing old zones is a sensible thing from a dev resource perspective, and it happens that the two main zones that are being reused are two of my favourites aesthetically. I love Egyptian history/mythology, so anything with great pyramids and animal-headed creatures is fine with me. Our characters finished up with the quest to go on to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms for the continuation of the storyline, I knew this was coming though and am looking forward to it as that is a rather iconic location as well.

So far, from a gameplay perspective, its just been standard Battle for Azeroth open world activities: daily quests and bars to fill in a given area. The quest chain is enjoyable though, I won’t have a problem repeating it on a few alts. We havent got to the step of doing our first Horrific Visions yet, a challenge mode instance that has been likened to the Mage Tower of the Legion expansion. I would thought on paper that I would have next to no interest in these instances: I hated the Mage Tower. But these can be played with 1-5 players, and I am a lot more interested in difficult content for a group than I am in soloing it. Im not sure how long this content will keep me engaged, but my first impressions for the patch are positive…

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