Video shows what the iPhone 12’s hottest new feature might look in iOS 14

iOS 14 Features
There are rumors that iOS 14 may introduce widgets to the iPhone home screen.A handful of new concept designs illustrate what this new type of functionality will bring to the table.Apple will introduce iOS 14 at WWDC in June. WWDC this year will be an online-only affair due to the coronavirus.Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories

With WWDC 2020 now a little more than a month away, we still haven’t heard a whole a lot about what iOS 14 is going to bring to the table. Sure, we’ve seen tidbits about new app discovery tools, but we haven’t exactly seen anything particularly exciting to look forward to just yet.

Now this isn’t to say iOS 14 will be entirely uninteresting. What’s more likely is that Apple has simply done

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