Play PC Games On Your Nintendo Switch | moonlight-nx TUTORIAL

Play PC Games On Your Nintendo Switch | moonlight-nx TUTORIAL

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Hillo folks! New tutorial here! How to play PC games on your Nintendo Switch! This is done through Moonlight-NX. A port of the "Moonlight" game streaming app for the Nintendo Switch done by rock88. This requires an NVIDIA GPU. If you don't have one then don't worry I'll release a tutorial on another way to stream PC games to your Switch in the near future. Running the mods shown here will NOT result in a ban. I personally rarely ever exit out of CFW and have continued to play online and use the eShop for over a year. If you would like to see what results in a ban then check here for more info:

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Minimalist Guide to Modding Your Nintendo Switch:

If you're fine with reading,
here is a text tutorial for Atmosphere CFW:
Want to turn your Switch into an Android tablet?

~Tutorial Links~
Moonlight-NX by rock88:

GeForce Experience:

Moonlight Troubleshooting:

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Music by K E N K U R A:

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