Apple Watch 6 features leaked: Sleep tracking, pulse oximeter, and mental health

Apple Watch 6 Rumors
A new leak says the Apple Watch 6 will incorporate several new health-tracking features, including sleep, mental health, and blood oxygenation.The leak is in line with previous rumors that detailed the Apple Watch 6’s new specs and features in recent months.However, it’s unclear where the information comes from, as the leaker didn’t offer any details beyond a list of features.Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories

The Apple Watch Series 6 is several months away, as Apple’s new wearable will likely e unveiled in mid-September alongside the new iPhone 12 series. Nevertheless, we’ve seen a bunch of Apple Watch 6 rumors so far, and the latest leak is very much in line with them. According to a YouTuber

Will the coronavirus pandemic finally ‘kill’ the iPhone’s notch?

Coronavirus Face Masks
Face ID doesn’t work on iPhone if you’re using a mask, and the use of face masks is advised during the novel coronavirus pandemic.Apple already made changes to iOS 13 to allow iPhone users to enter passwords manually faster when using face masks.Could Apple consider adding Touch ID to future iPhones in case the COVID-19 disease is here to stay for longer than expected?Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories

The novel coronavirus altered normal life in a way we wouldn’t have imagined a few months ago. The virus is very contagious and has the potential to kill anyone. Yes, many people are asymptomatic or develop mild versions of COVID-19, and it’s usually the elderly or people with other existing medical

New leak suggests iPhone 12 pricing could start as low as $649

iPhone 12 price
Leaker who revealed the iPhone SE launch date ahead of time says that the same source has told him how much the iPhone 12 models will cost.The cheapest iPhone 12 will supposedly retail for $649, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will cost $1,099.This would be the first OLED iPhone to ever retail for less than $1,000.Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories

One of the smartest moves Apple has made in recent years was pricing the iPhone 11 at $699. Though the iPhone 11 Pro may have technically been the flagship of 2019’s iPhone slate, pricing a numbered entry of the ubiquitous product line under $1,000 paid off, and as a result, the iPhone 11 was one of the best-selling mobile devices of 2019 despite being on the

Apple just released iOS 13.5 beta 4 for developers

iOS 13.5 beta 4

Apple announces virtual WWDC 2020 will begin on June 22nd

WWDC 2020 date

This is Apple’s finalized iPhone 12 Pro design

iPhone 12 Release Date

Specs leaked for unreleased 13-inch MacBook Pro model

MacBook Pro 2020
A new leak reveals the purported specs of a variation of the 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop.The new notebook could sport up to 32GB of RAM and 4TB of SSD, as well as 10th-gen Intel chips, according to a new benchmark.Apple is expected to release the 13-inch MacBook Pro refresh at some point in May, a previous leak said.Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories

Apple released a bunch of new products in the past few weeks, despite the coronavirus pandemic that makes it impossible to visit Apple retail stores in most countries. The list includes of new releases includes the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, cheaper MacBook Air, and the iPhone SE refresh, all of which are available to order online. Apple is yet to upgrade

Apple’s leaked iPhone 12 design looks stunning in these new images

iPhone 12 Release Date
It has been reported on several occasions that Apple’s iPhone 12 release date will be delayed, possibly to sometime in October or maybe even November depending on how severe the novel coronavirus’s impact is on manufacturing.While Apple fans might have to wait longer than normal to get their hands on Apple’s next-generation iPhones, they don’t have to wait at all to see what Apple’s new design looks like.Apple’s final iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro designs recently leaked, and now a new series of images shows us what the handsets are believed to look like.Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories

If you’re a hardcore Apple fan and you follow all the latest rumors and leaks, you’ve undoubtedly read several

Apple reveals new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard

MacBook Pro 2020 release date
Apple announced a new 13-inch MacBook Pro on Monday with a redesigned Magic Keyboard, double the storage space, and better performance with 10th-generation processors.The 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,299 for consumers and $1,199 for education.Preorders begin today, and shipments will begin going out later this week. Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories

The slow drip of hardware releases continues as Apple unveiled an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro model on Monday morning. Rumors of a new MacBook had been swirling around the internet for weeks, and on Monday, Apple shared a press release detailing the laptop. The most notable change is the addition of the new Magic Keyboard that previously